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South Meadow Ventures, LLC, formerly Nova Natural Toys & Crafts, LLC, was founded in 2001 with a single consumer catalog title; Nova Natural Toys & Crafts. Nova Natural Toys & Crafts is committed to wholesome play with heirloom quality, non-disposable toys. In 2015 Nova Natural acquired the established consumer catalog titles Chinaberry and Isabella, continuing their missions to provide quality products, carefully curated and personally tested. In 2016 Nova Natural Toys & Crafts, LLC changed its name to South Meadow Ventures, LLC to reduce confusion between the parent company and its brands. Unfortunately, while we did our best to bring Chinaberry up-to-date, expanding its offerings while still keeping the founders’ high standards, it was clear that customers are choosing to purchase their children’s products from others. With sadness, we closed the Chinaberry brand in January 2019. For more information visit novanantural.com, isabellacatalog.com.

Our Brands

We manage and own two brands, each devoted to providing quality products, carefully curated collections, and products made with our customers in mind.

Nova Natural Toys & Crafts Home Page

Nova Natural is a small, family-run business based in the beautiful state of Vermont. Our goal is to be your source for toy, dolls, games, crafts and more to spark and encourage your child’s natural creativity and imagination.

Isabella Home Page

For over 20 years, Isabella has featured the best of the best in skincare, home goods, jewelry and more. A recommendation from us is like a recommendation from a trusted friend. We sort through the sea of products out there so you don’t have to!

Working at South Meadow

The South Meadow Ventures team is devoted to offering our customers wholesome products and quality service. We’re growing, and if you would like to be a part of our community, browse our Job page to see if any open positions are a good fit for you.